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The M992 at 1/87 - English Version


The M992 at 1/87
- English Version -
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Brand: HERPA    Scale: 1/87 Reference: 740 661 

Built from the chassis of the M109, this tracked armored ammunition supply vehicle has also been transformed into different models:
- as a command post vehicle
- as a maintenance and repair vehicle for other vehicles
- as an ambulance vehicle

Put into service in 1984 in the US Army. The USA needed more than 1500 of this vehicle.
The M992 is also in service in several armies:
- Egypt,  
- Saudi Arabia.
- Belgium
- Austria

The basic body of the M992 is almost identical to that of the M109, with which it is designed to operate. At the rear of the driver's cab and engine, the turret has been replaced by a fully enclosed compartment, the armor of which is composed of welded aluminum, providing the same degree of protection as that found on the other parts of the vehicle.

- English Version - 
On the roof of the ammunition compartment is a command dome that can be rotated through 360°. It is equipped with a 12.7 mm machine gun mounted on a mount outside the vehicle.

The ammunition supply compartments are equipped with racks for storing projectiles, and their loading is done through the hatches located on the roof or sometimes through the rear with a loading rail

It can carry 90 155mm projectiles, 100 propellant charges and 100 fuses.
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