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Actros 4151 Bison of recovery at 1/87 - English Version

Actros 4151 Bison of Recovery at 1/87
- English Version -
- Version Française -
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Scale: 1/87 Brand: Y - Modelle 
Reference: 87231
Model to assemble

Images from a 1/87 diorama

Here are the real capacities of this Actros "BISON" vehicle

This recovery truck is a Mercedes ACTROS 4151 BISON... It has a crew of three. The German army has 12 of them and you will see its efficiency...

It is equipped with eight driving wheels, four of which are steered. It has a hydraulic crane which allows it to lift important loads up to 1.5 tons. Equipped with a winch, it can pull a vehicle from the ditch. The power of this winch is 25 tons. A roof hatch allows the observation, the shooting and also to be an emergency exit.

Its armored cabin was developed by Mercedes Trucks in cooperation with "Land Mobility Technologies" based in South Africa. It allows the three-man crew to be protected against small arms fire, artillery shrapnel, landmines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The weight of this vehicle is 48 tons.

Its engine is a Mercedes Benz "OM 502" developing 510 horsepower with a 16-speed gearbox. It can cross water obstacles from 0,75m to 1,2 meter with a water passage equipment. Its turning radius is short compared to other military tow trucks... On the video below, the chassis is the same and we can see it passing a water passage.

It can go up or down a 60% slope and drive on a 30% side slope.
On the video below, here are different tests made by the German Army on the Actros BISON

The Actros BISON has a maximum road speed of 85 km/hour and a range of 900 km and is mainly used to tow wheeled military vehicles such as BOXER 8X8 tanks. The towed and uncontrolled vehicles are towed in a semi-raised position. It can tow a load of 35 tons.

Scale: 1/87   Brand: Herpa Minitank Reference: 744904

Scale: 1/87   Brand: Herpa Minitank   Reference: 743969

The Actros 4151 AK recovery was presented in 2010 at Eurosatory in France.

It was used by the Canadian forces in Afghanistan

Developed on an 8X8 wheel drive basis, its armor makes it one of the best protected trucks in terms of ballistic protection.

The Bundeswehr has twelve of them since 2011

Images from a "Special Edition" 
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of "MEDEVAC 1/87"

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Other images from another Special Edition:

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Images from the Web Series 
"Secret Défense 1/87"

Episode 15: Damocles



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