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The MTVR at 1/87 - English Version


The MTVR at 1/87

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from the Collection "Short Stories at 1/87"

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Model: MTVR MK23
Brand : Arsenal M   -   Scale : 1/87 
 Reference: ARM 224200171

Model: MDVR MK27
Brand: Arsenal M   -  Scale: 1/87  
 Reference: ARM 224200131

Model: MDVR MK23
Brand: TRIDENT   -   Scale: 1/87
Reference : 87072

Ho Tactical Trucks

American MTVR MK28 in Iraq
The "Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement" (MTVR) is a series of American trucks designed in 1999 on a common chassis.
American MTVR MK23 armored
  The 360 degree protection kit provides both top and bottom protection for the crew compartment with reinforced steel.
   MTVR MK 23
The most common MTVR is the MK23.

MTVR MK 23 troop transport
The options for the MK23 kit include a personnel transport configuration.

MTVR MK23 with trailer
The Mk 23 and Mk 25 cargo variants of the MTVR family used state-of-the-art technology including an independent suspension system.
Two armored MTVR MK25 in the foreground
This increases the off-road maneuverability and mobility of the vehicle.
American MTVR MK30
There are more than nine variants of the MTVR, here with a tipper version.
American MTVR MK25 bomb disposal vehicle
or here a version for mine detection on roads.
 MTVR MK27 of the USMC
More than 11.300 MTVR have been built for the US Army, the vast majority of which equip the USMC.
 MTVR MK31 with fuel tank
There is also a tractor version like here with this MTVR MK31 truck towing a gasoline tanker in Iraq.
   MTVR TAR English
More than 430 have been sold for export, including the United Kingdom with more than 350 MTVRs in different variants, Greece with more than 70 MTVR MK27, Iraq and Egypt.

Videos of different MTVRs

There is also a tow truck version based on the MTVR called MTVR MK36

Here it is at 1/87

  Model: MTVR MK36 Tow truck
Brand: TRIDENT    -    Scale: 1/87  
 Reference : 87098


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