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"PATRIOT" tractor-launcher at 1/87 - English Version


"PATRIOT" tractor-launcher in 1/87 scale

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Here is a diorama presenting
a launch of a "PATRIOT" missile:

You can find other images in this 1/87 Web Series:

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Other Staging
of a "PATRIOT" missile shooting

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The brand HERPA offers this model in 1/87
Reference: 742405

There is the same model
 also under the brand ROCO MINITANK, always in 1/87 scale
Reference: 751

There is also this model of reloading of missile carrier PATRIOT
 of the brand ROCO MINITANK to 1/87
Reference: 91221

German PATRIOT tractor launchers
The "PATRIOT" is a medium-range "ground-to-air" missile system that can shoot down a tactical ballistic missile. This anti-missile defense is managed by the LUFTWAFFE, the German Air Force.

German PATRIOT tractor launchers
This technology comes from the USA. One distinguishes on this photograph a center of command of shooting with its radar "AN/MPQ 53". This radar can detect a bomber at 180 kilometers, a warhead at 60 kilometers and track up to 10 targets. It can simultaneously process up to six different targets in tracking.

Firing of a PATRIOT missile from a German tractor-launcher
Germany has 24 "PATRIOT" squadrons comprising 192 launcher units.
Other countries have this device: the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

Two German PATRIOT tractor launchers 
On this picture, we can see two German firing posts also called "Tractor-Launchers". A German squadron includes 8 tractors. Each one having 4 tubes, that is 32 PATRIOT missiles, ready to intercept ballistic missiles.

German PATRIOT tractor-launchers in 2012, in Turkey.
In 2012, two German "PATRIOT" batteries were deployed by Germany, with the support of NATO and 400 German soldiers, along the Turkish-Syrian border, in response to rocket fire, coming from Syria and causing several deaths in Turkish border villages. They were intended to have a defensive role, and deter the Syrian regime from using chemical weapons against the rebels.

Videos of PATRIOT missile shooting

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