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Discover the adventures of military emergency doctors
 through their adventures around the world

Video of French presentation

The synopses of these adventures are stories of military doctors, sent to countries at war or during training, and whose job is to evacuate wounded men and women by helicopter to military hospitals.

There are currently 4 seasons


In the first season, "The Afghan Trap", you will discover Chief Medical Officer John Mac TENROC, his pilot, Lieutenant James O'CONNORS, Chief Medical Officer Cindy HOLMES, and Chief Sergeant Billy MORRISON, who are American military doctors who intervene during the American intervention in Afghanistan in the 2000s.

The idea was inspired by a 1970s series, MASH, which presented the daily life of a team of doctors and nurses during the Korean War.

As well as this video:

Several stories will revolve around German soldiers deployed in Mazar-i-Sharif.

Discover the Trailer of the Season 1 
in French version



In the 2nd season, "In the hell of the Sahel", you will discover German military doctors and French soldiers during the fight against terrorism in Mali in 2016.

They will operate in different theaters of operation,

will move in the Malian desert,

will experience some setbacks,

and intervention in impressive places...

They will perform counter-terrorism techniques...

Of course rescue and evacuation

and first aid will take place during this season...

Here is the Trailer of the season 2 
in French Version

The 3rd season, published at the end of December 2017, takes place
in the north of Europe ...

NATO military exercises are taking place along the Polish, Lithuanian, Belarusian and Russian borders, in the most sensitive place in Europe

"The passage of SUWALKI"

The purpose of these exercises with various European and American armies is to demonstrate a deployment of force in the face of an intrusion on the territories of Poland and Lithuania.

The exercises include simulated attacks,

progressions of infantrymen,

land medical evacuations,

or by air,

However, the Russians, to show their power, also decide to do military exercises near the Polish and Lithuanian borders...

This will increase the tension by turning the NATO exercises into preparation for an invasion...

And an incident will occur...

In the 4th season, released in April 2020, it is a new exercise that also takes place in northern Europe, but with amphibious means with consequences that could lead to an armed conflict!

MEDEVAC Saison 4

Discover this fourth season with the adventures of American and German military doctors
during exercises on a beach in Lithuania in 2020.

NATO military exercises take place along Lithuanian beaches, close to the most sensitive place in Europe

"KALININGRAD", a Russian enclave...

These exercises with different European and American armies are intended to show a naval deployment to face an intrusion on the territories of Poland and Lithuania.

The exercises consist of landing military personnel using unsinkable armored vehicles.

  The AAPV7...

The exercises will rotate through different scenarios such as boarding for departure to the beaches

  the landing of soldiers on the beaches,

for tank repair,

of towing,

of docking at sea,

recovery of soldiers,

of deployment of the logistics

evacuation by helicopter,

and back at sea

However, a meeting in Moscow, a week before, will lead to a chain of events during this exercise...

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General mobilization has been decreed and a reconquest fleet leaves to liberate them...





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The Adventures of Jimini HOLMES
and Ciindy WATSON
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Following many Hispanic fans who visit this site, here is the story of Jimini HOLMES and Ciiindy WATSON, the two Louland investigators translated into English about one of their adventures that takes place during a military conflict.

The translation from French to English was done using the"GOOGLE Translation". system. There may be errors of meaning, word or verb for the expressions.

Please inform me of them so that I can correct them if you see any.

 Good reading

Suite à de nombreux fans anglopohnes qui visitent ce site, voici une histoire de Jimini HOLMES et Ciiindy WATSON, les deux enquêteurs loulandais traduit en anglais autour d'une de leurs aventures qui se déroule durant un conflit militaire.

Bonne découverte aux lecteurs anglophones.


This story is inspired by a real war, the Falklands war, which took place more than 40 years ago in April 1982 between England and Argentina.

Here are the 2 commemorative plaques
of the dead for these islands:

For the 649 Argentinians missing

For the 255 British missing  

- This story is fiction -

Character names and facts are fictitious.

Any resemblance to actual or actual persons or situations is purely coincidental.

Version Française

Version en español

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