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The M270 MLRS tank at 1/87 - English Version


The M270 MLRS tank at 1/87
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Firing of an M270 MLRS

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Model : M270 MLRS    Brand : HERPA
Scale : 1/87    Reference : 741521


Model : M270 MLRS
Brand : ROCO Minitrains    Scale : 1/87    Reference : 555


Model: M270 MLRS on wagon
Make: ROCO Minitrains Scale: 1/87 Reference: 826


American M270 MLRS launcher

The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Sytem (MLRS) is a ground-to-ground multiple rocket launcher tank. The MLRS program was developed in cooperation by the USA, France, West Germany (FRG) and the United Kingdom.


American M270 MLRS launcher

A battery comprises 9 launchers of 12 rockets each. This battery can fire in one minute a salvo of 108 rockets carrying 69,000 grenades capable of neutralizing 700 hectaces...

Firing of an American M270 MLRS

A launcher has two baskets of 6 rockets each.

Firing of an American M270 MLRS

The first generations of rockets had a range of 30 kilometers. The current ones have a range of 80 kilometers.

Firing of an American ATACMS missile from an M270 MLRS

The Americans have designed ATACMS missiles with a range of over 150 kilometers and an accuracy of 50 metres on target. However, only one basket can launch this type of missile due to its size, and therefore an M270 launcher can only launch two.

American M270 MLRS launchers during the 1990 Gulf War

During the Gulf War from 1990 to 1991, the USA had deployed in Kuwait about 120 M270 MLRS launchers allowing a maximum defense in case of Iraqi attacks.

They were not used. The Iraqi Army having them, it knew the risk it would take by attacking this country...

Firing of a German M270 MLRS

The FRG will acquire 200 launchers, the United Kingdom 70, France 44 and the USA more than 900. They will be put into service between 1983 and 2003 in 12 other countries.

Israeli M270 MLRS launcher

The main buyers of M270 MLRS launchers are: Japan with 99 units, South Korea with 58 units, Saudi Arabia with 50 units, Israel with 48 units, Egypt with 48 units, Greece with 36 units and Italy with 22 units.

Firing of an American M270 MLRS

Initially, the launchers were intended to launch cluster munitions to mine an entire area and thus interdict an area. However, many countries have signed a convention against the use of cluster munitions and will opt for conventional explosive rockets.

Indeed, once laid on the ground, cluster mines have neutralized an entire area and when the sector returns to peacetime, the entire area must be cleared at the risk of civilians being maimed by this type of weapon...

German M270 MLRS launcher

From the year 2000 onwards, new rockets will make it possible to pierce 70 cm thick concrete. These have an effective range of more than 80 kilometers. The flight time is about 5 minutes.

Arrival of one of the French MLRS launchers in Mali in February 2016

France deployed three launchers for the first time between February and the end of April 2016 in Mali in a theater of military operations during Operation BARKHANE...

Two rocket baskets from an M270 MLRS are released

The reloading time of the baskets takes several minutes.


Entry of a basket of full rockets

Indeed, they have to take out the empty baskets, then bring new ammunition.


Delivery of rocket baskets for M270 MLRS using an M985 truck

The operation can take 15 to 20 minutes...

Removal of rocket baskets from M270 MLRS using an M985 truck

The U.S. Army uses its M985 trucks to resupply its M270 MLRS and remove empty baskets once they are used.


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