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The AAVP - 7A1 at 1/87 - English Version

The AAVP - 7A1 at 1/87

- English Version -
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1/87 Diorama of AAVP - 7A1

Model: AAVP-7A1    
Scale: 1/87 Reference: 223100041

Model: AAVP-7A1 - Version 12,7   
Scale: 1/87 Reference: 224100010
Model: AAVP-7A1 - Grenade launcher version
Scale: 1/87 Reference: 224100012
You can find the Season 4 of MEDEVAC EVASAN
where AAVP-7A1 are put in history

Discover the adventures of American and German military doctors
during exercises in Lithuania in 2020.

NATO military exercises are taking place along the Lithuanian beaches, close to the most sensitive place in Europe

"KALININGRAD", a Russian enclave...

These exercises with different European and American armies are intended to show a naval deployment to face an intrusion on the territories of Poland and Lithuania.

The exercises consist of landing military personnel with unsinkable armored vehicles.

The AAVP - 7A1...

The exercises will turn according to different scenarios as the embarkation for the departure to the beaches...

  the landing of soldiers on the beaches,



as well as stowage at sea.

MEDEVAC Saison 4 

- English Version - 

The AAVP - 7A1 stands for Assault Amphibian Vehicle Personnel model 7A1. It is a tracked vehicle of the 25-ton amphibious class allowing to transport military personnel.
It has a crew of three men and can carry up to 25 infantrymen or 4.5 tons of various equipment.
It has an autonomy on land of 480 kilometers. It can reach 70 kilometers per hour on road and 30 kilometers per hour in all terrain.
In water, it can cover a distance of more than 70 kilometers at a speed of more than 10 kilometers per hour.

According to the versions, it has different armament: As a rule, it is equipped with an automatic grenade launcher of 40 mm, a heavy machine-gun in 12,7.
The protection of the occupants of an AAVP - 7A1 is ensured by an aluminum armor of 45 mm thickness.

It can be equipped with additional ballistic protection panels made of laminated steel which allows a better protection against large calibers.
Spanish AAVP 7A1
They are used by the USMC (US Marine Corp) but also by various countries such as Japan, South Korea and Spain.
In case of problems on these tanks, there is the AAVR-7 A1 which is a repair and recovery tank.

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Videos of AAVP - 7A1

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