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VBMR GRIFFON - English Version

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The GRIFFON is a multi-role armored vehicle (VBMR) that is to replace the French Army's Armored Front Vehicles (VAB). More than 1870 have been ordered.

VAB, Armored Forward Vehicle
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Many GRIFFONs have started to be delivered since 2019. This vehicle of more than 24 tons in full load has a range of 800 kilometers.

Its speed can reach 90 kilometers per hour.  It has 6 driving wheels, 4 of which are steered.

It can carry 8 soldiers in addition to a pilot and a gunner. It can be equipped with a remotely operated 12.7mm machine gun turret.
Two GRIFFONs can be simultaneously loaded in an A400M Cargo aircraft in case of emergency deployment.

  MEPAC System in VAB
Also, more than fifty GRIFFON MEPAC APCs equipped with a mortar have been ordered.
The first VBMR GRIFFONs have arrived in many regiments, as shown here with the French 21st Marine Infantry Regiment
and here, with the French 13th Battalion of Alpine Chasseurs.
In September 2020, it was assigned to the French 5th Overseas Interarmy Regiment (5me RIAOM) in Djibouti with two units for a desert training phase.

Desert training phase of the GRIFFON in September 2020 in Djibouti
The Marsouins of the 5th RIAOM have tested it in situation.

Desert training phase of the GRIFFON in September 2020 in Djibouti
The GRIFFON will be put through its paces in the desert in September 2020 in Djibouti.
Taking part in a firing maneuver at the SGTIA level (Sub Tactical Inter-Arms Group)

 Desert training phase of the GRIFFON in September 2020 in Djibouti
and as part of their deployment to Mali in 2021.

Desert training phase of the GRIFFON in September 2020 in Djibouti
Evaluations have been done on the chassis, the weapon system, the turret, the GPS links, etc.
Phase d'aguerrissement du GRIFFON en zone désertique en septembre 2020 à Djibouti
With its "Brun Terre de France" color, this one is well hidden in a semi-desert zone
BELGIUM has also ordered more than 80 VBMR GRIFFON for its army, as part of a strategic Franco-Belgian partnership called "CaMo" (for motorized capability).

This vehicle is part of the French SCORPION program.  Other vehicles are planned to support the VBMR GRIFFON, such as the light multi-role armoured vehicle (VBMR-L) SERVAL.
The SERVAL starts its first runs
and is undergoing extensive testing.

Also planned is the JAGUAR, a wheeled tank specialized in reconnaissance and combat. It is equipped with a 40-mm gun and an anti-tank missile launcher.


Here are the VBMR GRIFFON in 1/87 from GASO.LINE

Scale 1/87.
Brand:GASO.LINE Reference: GAS87002K

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Here is the cover of the next season
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The MASTER FIGHTER - GASO.LINE brand also offers
the French VBCI in 1/87 scale

- VBCI -
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This model also exists in 1/48 scale

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