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MRAP COUGAR at 1/87 - English Version


MRAP COUGAR at 1/87 
Mine Resistant Ambush Vehicle

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  The model made on these 2 pictures is from Brand TRIDENT in 1/87 reference: 87136

 Images taken from
from the Collection "Short Story at 1/87" 


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Here is the 1/87 model of TRIDENT brand
 reference 87120

1/35 scale diorama of a MRAP COUGAR 6X6

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The Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) is a family of armored fighting vehicles designed for the US Army.

The purpose of surviving the IED (An improvised explosive device, also known as a roadside bomb).

There is no common MRAP vehicle design, there are several suppliers.


  The Marine Corps planned to replace all Humvees in combat zones with MRAP vehicles.

MRAP vehicles are typically V-shaped for the chassis to mitigate the blast underneath the vehicle, so as to protect the vehicle and its passengers

Typically, these explosions are landmines, but they can also be IEDs.

This design dates back to the 1970s when it was introduced in 1978 with the South African BUFFEL (Buffalo) armored personnel carrier (APC).

  However, the TSG/FPI Cougar (designed by a U.S. team led by Colombia in 2004) became the springboard from which the MRAP program was launched.

Several contracts were placed by the United States for this type of vehicle in response to the situation in the war in Iraq . By issuing contracts to several companies, the Marine Corps hopes to accelerate the pace of production

The deployment of MRAP vehicles has not been without criticism. The most common criticisms are about the high cost ($17.6 billion for the program),

as well as the potential for logistical difficulties due to high fuel consumption and varied designs, greater disconnect between troops and the local population due to their large size and menacing air.

The U.S. Army decided not to continue ordering MRAPs and moved to replace them and the HUMVEE,
by "M-ATV" and "JLTV" type models.
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 Humvee in 1/87
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 JLTV at 1/87
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 M-ATV in 1/87
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Here are some videos of MRAP:


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