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JLTV at 1/87 - English Version

JLTV at 1/87

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JLTV at 1/87
Brand: ARSENAL M Reference :ARM 114200811

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  The "JLTV", which stands for Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, is the successor to the HUMVEE and is a multipurpose vehicle.
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 Humvee in 1/87
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In May 2003, during the operation in Iraq "Iraqi Freedom", more than 9,000 HUMVEEs will be sent by the Americans for their soldiers. Quickly, their protection turns out to be catastrophic, despite the addition of systems, facing improvised explosives (IED) on the roadside. These "IEDs", often made with shells, caused havoc when they exploded... Also, the internal carrying capacity of the HUMVEE was not sufficient. Finally, the addition of the protections makes the vehicle heavier and therefore its performance...

The American Army then turned to armored vehicles, the "MRAP" (for Mine Resistant Armor Protected) and ordered 29,000 units for a budget of 50 billion dollars. But they are very heavy, consume a lot of fuel and are very cumbersome for military maneuvers in narrow streets or roads. As of 2018, there are 11,000 "MRAPs" left in service. The rest having been destroyed, sold or sold off to allied states.

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It is in 2006, that it is decided to find the vehicle which must combine carrying, mobility and protection. The JLTV was born. Five manufacturers will be on the ranks, and after a disturbed development until 2012, three manufacturers will be retained and will propose their model.

Among them, the "L-ATV" (Ligth All Terrain Vehicle) of the brand "OSHKOSH Defence".

It is in 2015 that the project of OSHKOSH Defence is selected. The total number of vehicles to be ordered by the U.S. Army and completed in 2040 is more than 49,000 "JLTVs" for the U.S. Army and more than 5,500 for the U.S. Marine Corps.

Its dimensions are 6.2 m long, 2.5 m wide and 2.6 m high for a weight of 6.4 tons. Its maximum speed is 110 km/h with a range of 500 kilometers.

According to the versions, it could be equipped with a remote-controlled turret.

or, as shown here, with an external protection for the shooter.

Similarly, missile launching systems have been designed for the MARINES.

It allows to fire missiles with a range of 3 to 10 kilometers.

Here is the JLTV lowered to be in transport configuration.

There is also a version of the JLTV Ambulance.

Here is the M-ATV version of the OSHKOSH brand which was manufactured in 6.000 units and which is close to the JLTV.

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 M-ATV in 1/87
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