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DINGO 2 at 1/87 - English Version

Dingo 2 at 1/87

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Here are different models in 1/87

Brand: HERPA Scale: 1/87 
Reference: 741040

Brand: MARKLIN Scale: 1/87 
Reference: 018505

Brand: 4MFOR Scale: 1/87 
Reference: 18505

Brand: ARSENAL M Scale: 1/87 
Reference: 91187

The DINGO 2 is a wheeled armored vehicle built by the German firm Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.

This vehicle is based on the chassis of a MERCEDES Unimog U5000 4 x 4.
 This model is an improved version of the DINGO 1, it is produced from 2000. It is equipped with air conditioning system, heating system, ABS, rear view camera, GPS navigation system, modern radio system and NBC (Nuclear, Bacteriologic, chimic) protection system.
There are many versions of the vehicle with different chassis lengths.
It can be found as an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) version

as an Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle

with a mobile long range radar system.

Bodybuilders also offer different "Ambulance" versions.
with easy access with ramps
or like here with additional storage space on the roof,
as shown here in this demonstration. 

Two German DINGOs on field operations in the Middle East
Thanks to the Unimog chassis, the vehicle has excellent reliability and maneuverability on and off the road. The use of the Unimog chassis also provides an excellent price-performance ratio for this vehicle and reduces the maintenance burden.

Belgian DINGO 2 during a parade in Brussels
They are built on the basis of a 4 x 4 chassis, and are fully armored in the crew cabin and the troop transport area. The vehicle can carry a crew of 5 infantrymen with their combat equipment for the short version and 8 for the long version.

German DINGO 2 in Afghanistan
This vehicle has been deployed by the German Army in Afghanistan, as well as during its operation in Mali within the framework of MINUSMA from 2013 to 2021.

Belgian DINGO 2 in Mali
Many countries have them, such as Germany with more than 580 of different versions, Belgium with more than 220 units, and Austria with 99 units.

Czech DINGO 2
Other smaller countries also have them like Saudi Arabia with 30 units, the Czech Republic with 21 units and Norway with 20 units.
Videos of DINGO 2 

In this video,
the new DINGO 2 with a new body:

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